No more time lost driving a nail to hang the clip!  
   No more scarring material from pulling the nail and the hole left behind!
   No more looking for an edge to hook to!  The Rocket Anchor anchors anywhere; in the field, inside and outside corners.
   No more falling off!  The Rocket Anchor secures horizontally, vertically and upside down and fits into places only your hand can go.
   No more dummy end!  Eliminates paying two carpenters to snap a chalk line.  It literally pays for itself in the first week in only ten minutes a day.
   No more fumbling around to get a hold of the old clip with gloves on!  The Rocket Anchor works great in the winter.  Finally something you can get a hold of.
   Anchors in almost any building material: wood, plywood, drywall, siding, composition shingles, OSB, even particle board, cement fiber siding and tile backer with a little extra push and a twist.  That's something you can't even do with a nail.
   Plus the needle can be removed, re-sharpened and replaced with over an inch of extra length but one sharpening should last several months of everyday use.
  Plus! The Rocket Anchor can be mounted and removed in just seconds, so you can still use the old clip for steel and concrete!
  That's just for starters!   (More Tricks)