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Rocket Anchor and Sheath

What is it?

The Rocket Anchor is a chalk line anchor designed for quick and secure anchoring by pushing the adjustable needle point into the building material. It receives your present clip* in seconds and also transforms into a plumb bob and wall plumbing device along with numerous other tricks.

Works in lumber, plywood, OSB, drywall, siding, particle board, shingles, flashing, even cement fiber board.

Also, comes with a sheath or docking module that mounts to your chalk box for safety and convenience.

The Rocket Anchor and Sheath are virtually indestructible from impact, shattering, smashing, running over with a cement truck and even cleaning it with solvents like lacquer thinner.

Great for winter too; easy to handle wearing gloves.

(*Some clips may need to be modified or narrowed to fit the Rocket or purchase one in a string pack.)  

For more details on how to get started, more uses,  or mount the sheath to your chalk box check out the manual.

Instructions for those who read.

There are lots of quick and cool uses for your rocket like a lightweight plumb or the wall plumbing device, and more!

More Tricks and Uses

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Great stocking stuffer for Christmas and gift for each crew member!

Made In USA