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U.S. Patent #5,720,113, #6,622,393,

and  #6,898,861.

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Rocket Anchor and Sheath $17.99

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Universal Rocket Anchor Sheath

A chalk box mounted docking module.

Equipped with countersunk holes and customizable support rim to fit almost any chalk line!  (More)



What is it?

The Rocket Anchor is a chalk line anchor designed for quick and secure anchoring where by the adjustable needle point is pushed into the building material. It receives your present clip in seconds and also transforms into a plumb bob and wall plumbing device along with numerous other tricks. Works in lumber, plywood, OSB, drywall, siding, particle board, shingles, even cement fiber board.

 (Animation How It Works)

For Professional Carpenters and DIY's.

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